Marketing for vocational and career schools

School Marketing Budgets: A Vital Part of Any School Marketing Plan

A successful School Marketing Plan (SMP) needs a well funded School Marketing Budget (SMB). This is probably the most controversial aspect of any School Marketing Plan. 1. Make the Budget Realistic Various people within each school community have differing views on the amount which should be afforded to the School Marketing Budget. School Principals and School Managers need to be… Read more →

Building Brand Awareness: 7 Ways To Educate Customers In The Classroom & Simultaneously Build Brand Awareness

Article by Annmarie Edwards The business world has long recognized the value of creating a recognizable and clearly defined brand. From top business executives to entrepreneurs striving everyday in their communities, and from traditional corporations to the Internet, building brand awareness is the most significant marketing practice today. I it always will be as consumers continue to seek out their… Read more →

Marketing: CRM Systems for Education Admissions

There are plenty of large (and very expensive) CRM ¬†systems (Customer Relationship Management)¬†available that are “designed” for private, post-secondary and vocational schools. Why? Because they are THE tool for your admissions team to help usher potential students through the admissions process. Having some form of CRM is a need for virtually any business, honestly, whether it’s in paper form scattered… Read more →

Marketing a Private School with a Small Budget

As an industry, private and vocational schools spend millions of dollars advertising every month. If you are starting a new campus or have been forced to decrease your school marketing budget, then anyone can understand how daunting and even frightening it can feel to compete against the larger private colleges and career training schools that have dozens if not hundreds… Read more →