Create Autoresponder Email Quick-Tip Courses

email marketing with coursesFree email courses have always been one of the most successful ways to pull in new students to shorter programs with a relatively low price point.

The key philosophy: people won’t give you their email address unless you give them something in return. If you offer them a free email series on a topic they want to learn, you will get their contact information.

As a way of generating and cultivating new leads, design various email “courses” for which people can register on your website. Using most email services, you can author multiple short series of tips, tricks, hints, etc. on topics you cover in your larger programs. You can set up each email series so that after the person registers and confirms their email address the email series is automatically sent to them on a set drip schedule.

Not only does this help you get new leads, but it’s a way to keep the person engaged over an extended period of time.

Moreover, offering “free” information is a great way to build two things: authority on the topics, and trust between you and the prospective student. Both of those are measures students use when deciding to enroll at a school.

Send each email every 2-3 days, and have 5-10 emails in the series. Within each email, of course, you should subtly promote your school programs (don’t overdue it) and any events that might be helpful: start dates, open house dates, on-campus seminars, etc.

Requirements for success: the information MUST be useful and the quality of each email in the series high. Each should have at least 800 words with images and links to extended resources (like videos you post on your youtube channel). If you give them a quality free email course, they will immediately believe your paid programs are even better.