How Do You Communicate With Students and Their Culture

We’ve covered “the HOW” of marketing communication, but why is that important when it comes to marketing to a student’s culture?

Why does culture at a school matter? Because for “kids these days” – and virtually all ages given how much time even adults spend online – a school needs to feel like it’s operates under the same paradigm they do: your school cannot function in a way that feels different than that which they are accustomed.

Traditionally, only students attending 4-year universities would tour various campuses to get a feel for the culture of each campus, but given the heavy increase of vocational schools in America, that concept is just as important for career schools as well. Culture and vibe matter. How you communicate with students and leads is a big part of that.

For starters (and as a actionable item): if you admissions team isn’t using text messaging to communicate with leads, then you are not communicating with them correctly. You must have a CRM that enables you to track text message conversations, sends emails, AND enables you to tack old-school phone calls.

Creating Interest By The Manner In Which You Communicate

Take a few moments to ponder times when your own interest in a product was sparked. Possibly, say, 50% of the time it’s due to the facts and the specifications of the situation. As an example, let’s say the sticker on the car window with all that useful information… but what about the look of the car? The impression and feel of the car? What about the social implications? If you drive that car, what will other people thing about you? All these things

Usually, fundamental interest is more primal. It’s created by an unconscious or intuitive catalyst. Personify that process and you easily find the argument is the traditional “sex sells” paradigm: You see someone at a bar who is attractive, they’re in the same sort of bar you hang out in, they’re wearing the sort of clothes that reflect the sort of person you like and like to be seen with… and you’re interested.

Why? Do you even know their name? Their life story? Their technical specifications? Often times an interest manifests simply because you’re at the same venue, or on a more personal relationship level, they look like you or someone you know. That kind of interest is a much more fundamental type that Marketing can achieve when we design marketing campaigns in a way that reflects the HOW.

“HOW” you market will point you the correct placements and marketing channels. It also instructs how to properly interact with your prospective students. It teaches you the language they speak that is beyond spoken language… it shows you their culture – and you need to cater to it if you want to succeed.  Acknowledging their culture allows you to gain a little more perspective about their lives, and more importantly, who they want to become. When you understand not only what they want to be, but why they want to be it – then you’re admissions team will become very, very good and signing up new students.