Note on Defining and Keeping Marketing Conversions

We talk a lot about conversions in relation to marketing schools. Here, we thought we’d quickly note exactly what that means, and the various points in the marketing plan where you can actually measure them.

The most common conversions for schools to measure are:

  1. Website visit to lead (inquiry) conversion
  2. Lead (inquiry) to Application conversion
  3. Application to completed fully qualified Enrollment conversion.

Lead source is key, and doing so at the INQUIRY stage. People change their answers later on in the process because in the application and enrollment process, they will have searched, noticed an ad, etc., and might attribute the referral source as one of those secondary mediums rather than the original, which is what you want to record. For this reason, having a system to track referral sources, and integrating the admissions process so that you can track and update their status from inquiry to enrollment is also very important. This will ensure the integrity of your data.