Offer Regular Free Seminars On Campus

Offering time and information for free is very important for schools. Free on-campus seminars accomplish many things for higher education institutions. Doing so demonstrates that you are an authority on the topic and more importantly it gets prospective students into the school, which is your best change and convincing them to enroll in one of your programs.

Establishing authority is important when prospective students are comparing your school with your competition. If you want them to see your school as being “the most knowledgable” then you have to demonstrate that. Universities have their professors publish books ‚Äì it shows that they are the most knowledgable, the most credible. As a private school, there’s a good chance that your instructor staff isn’t planning on doing a lot of publishing (but if they do, that is excellent), so you have to build that topic and industry authority in different ways: show them.

Offer small, exclusive seminars that give people an inside look at special tips, tricks, and parts of the careers for which you teach. This process attaches your school’s name with high-quality information; just like professors publishing books, but on a more targeted level.

Give it a try: schedule some seminars, send out emails to your list, and start collecting registrations.