In the introduction about marketing culture we covered the importance of campus appearance and how that can self-perpetuate a good looking environment. Your school needs to dress well just as much as you would hope your staff would. Here, we have to look into how a student’s personal culture can become a part of your […]

School Marketing: Understanding Culture

Marketing to and about culture is an enormous topic that can fill volumes. In this post, the bottom line is that to have a successful private, post-secondary school, you need to demonstrate authority AND be the coolest school in town. Students wanting to attend your school isn’t enough – you want them to brag to […]


Kids in college relocate all the time to different schools. Furthermore, they frequently change their mind and decide that they want to work towards a different career or enroll in a secondary part time course to enhance their existing education. Running ads that target existing university students can get encouraging outcomes for professional, vocational, and […]

Students in colleges transfer all the time. Moreover, they often decided they wish to pursue a different career path or attend another part time program to augment their current education, especially if they’re leaning towards a career in an industry that requires a very specific set of skills that vocational and career schools teach. Placing […]

Career / Education Counselors. Find them all, and make contact. Get them on the phone. Know their names. Send brochures, have separate open house days exclusively for guidance counselors so they can see the school, faculty, and facilities. Make sure they really know what your school is all about. Meet with them one on one –whatever required to […]

Career / Education Counselors. All types and kinds. Send brochures, have special open house days just for guidance counselors, meet with them one on one –whatever you have to do to help career counselors understand your vocational / trade school as much as possible. The more they understand your programs, courses, and classes, the more likely they’ll refer […]


Prospective Employers. I’ve built a few school locations at this point, and we thrived the most early on when we were extremely aggressive in getting to the people working in the trade first (before launching the school or enrolling students). Locate the potential employers in your area. You have to do it anyway to get approved […]

Potential Employers to market your school. I’ve launched a couple campuses now, and we were most successful when we were very assertive in reaching out to the trade first (ahead of opening the campus or enrolling students). Find those potential employers as marketing and co-branding allies. You have to do it anyway to get approved to […]

At one campus in Los Angeles the maximum enrollment the school could reach with the square footage was about two hundred students… so it was not really the size of school to justify a large football stadium to help recruit students and get the word out about the programs.

Education operates on a steady and usually strict timeline due to the application, enrollment, and start date cycles. Education works with defined periods of promotions, and specific conversion and enrollment goals for each period: on campus events, start dates for your programs, application deadlines, open house events, etc.

Education functions on a strict timeline and enrollment process. It operates within windows of promotions and conversion goals: application deadlines, class start dates, and on-campus events. As such, the marketing channels for education utilized must be adaptable and dynamic, while also reaching the correct people with the highest student conversion potential.

There will be many small posts about search engine marketing for education on this site. For now, I’ll just postulate that search engine marketing (SEM) really is the foundation and backbone of any well planned school marketing campaign. If you’re not convinced, then just look at the ever-growing Apollo Group. The information “leak” regarding the […]

I’ll write more on this later, but search engine marketing for schools is truly the backbone. If you’re not convinced, then just look at the ever growing Apollo Group. When that infamous leak from Google happened back in 2010, they were listed as spending 6.6 million dollars in ONE MONTH on search marketing. Uh Huh. […]

Your students know why they enrolled, so I hope that you’re asking them why they made that decision. Students can give you great market research. Try to survey during different points in the course. Intertwine your normal quality questions, instructor reviews, etc. questions with those that can be used to help you improve your marketing plan.

We’ll be posting these sort of short notes for education marketing. The intent is to give quick tips for when there’s an idea, but not enough time to sit down and write (or for you, maybe read) a full article. Please make sure you look at the related article posts as well. The “quick” aspect […]